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News from Representative Erickson 05-17-2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Legislature has less than 100 hours to go this session and bills are moving very quickly. Despite having had all-session long to get our work done, the majority party has made us enter the final three days at the legislature having yet to pass a budget for 2014-2015, or even see many of the final bills themselves after conference committee.

The only budget bills passed thus far are the so-called Jobs, Housing, Commerce and Energy Omnibus bill and the Public Safety and Judiciary Omnibus bill. These bills have been haphazardly grouped together by the majority because of poor time management, a strategy I vehemently oppose.

I voted "Yes" on the Public Safety bill when it passed the House initially, but I don't think it's proper to be mixing a bill that funds the third branch of government (the judiciary) with the rest of the budget bills, and voted "No" as a result. Furthermore, constituents have expressed widespread support for judicial reform yet the legislature continues to support the status quo.

I have voted "No" on both of the omnibus bills thus far because they grow government by spending even more than the governor proposed and increase the number of state employees -- paid for with your hard-earned tax dollars. The budget proposals from the Democrats include more than 1300 new employees altogether.

So far this session, the Governor has signed about 60 bills, and I have voted ONLY for those bills that are good policies for all Minnesotans.

Childcare Unionization TOMORROW

Despite not having passed a budget, Democrats are planning to take up a highly controversial legislation to unionize childcare providers and personal care attendants. It's an unwanted and unnecessary attempt to unionize small business owners that will result in increased cost and fewer choices in childcare for hardworking parents. It's a bill that puts the wants of powerful special interest groups ahead of the best interest of Minnesota families. I plan to vote "No" on this legislation.

Student Visits

It was wonderful to meet and visit with sixth graders from Onamia and Ogilvie and high school students from Faith Christian in Foreston, all of whom took time to come visit the Capitol recently.


If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll like my official legislative page, as well as the Minnesota House Republican Caucus page for up-to-the-minute news and updates from the legislature.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Sondra Erickson
State Representative, District 15A