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Governor overreaches his authority with union vote

Friday, December 2, 2011
The governor's disappointing decision to authorize child cares to vote on unionization is a clear overreach of his statutory and constitutional authority. There is nothing in state law that allows Gov. Mark Dayton to authorize such a vote for private sector employees. To say the least, it is another unnecessary and unwarranted government intrusion into the lives of hardworking Minnesotans. It begs the question: Why do AFSCME and SEIU, two public employee unions, want to unionize the private sector? Child cares operate according to the market. If they unionize, costs will be driven up artificially, causing another burden on the taxpayers of Minnesota, especially parents. I fear that many child cares would have to close their doors, not wanting to deal with the punitive costs, rules and regulations that unionization entails. Let's look at Michigan as an example. After considering a move to unionize child cares, the commissioner of human services reversed his decision because "the goal did not enhance and improve the delivery of quality care for children whose parents receive assistance and costs increased." Let's stand behind a free market enterprise like child care and help them remain free of more government intrusion. Remember, the economic impact alone could be disastrous. Sincerely, Sondra Erickson State Representative District 16A
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