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A compendium of Session Daily articles dating back to 2004

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As heists surge, lawmakers consider cracking down on catalytic converter thefts

Stealing a catalytic converter can take just a matter of seconds, and it can net a thief up to $500 when sold to a scrap metal dealer for the precious metals it contains.

House OKs legislation extending unemployment benefits for laid-off Iron Range workers

“Today is for the workers.” That’s what Rep. Dave Lislegard (DFL-Aurora) said on the House Floor Monday about the bill he sponsors that would extend unemployment benefits to...

House paves way for $315 million in federal funds to improve infrastructure

Moving quickly to get ahead of the road construction season, the House passed a bill Monday to unlock millions in federal money for transportation infrastructure. The House ...

Hot meals for 200 more veterans in need could be delivered under new proposal

A warm meal and friendly smile can make all the difference to those without either, and 200 more Minnesota veterans could receive both under a bill heard Monday by the House Vet...

Week in Review: Jan. 16-20

Working into the night is commonplace around the Capitol Complex, although the hours tend to get longer as the legislative session stretches into the spring. But there have been...

House passes bill to enshrine abortion rights in state law

Referred to as the “Protect Reproductive Options Act,” the bill would further establish in state law the fundamental right for an individual to make decisions on their own reproductive health.

Updates to food processing, ag worker labor laws clear key committee

A multitude of laws governing labor standards for workers in Minnesota’s food processing and agricultural industries have lay dormant for over a decade. HF70 would make numerous...

‘Positive abortion alternatives’ program could be renamed ‘positive pregnancies’ under bill heard in House

Minnesota has an abortion alternatives grant program that provides funds to organizations that promote healthy pregnancy outcomes and family stability and self-sufficiency there...

Amid enrollment declines, Minnesota State makes budget request

That small college near you is getting smaller. At least it is if it’s part of the Minnesota State system. That’s what the system’s chancellor, Devinder Malhotra, told the H...

‘Pathway Home Act’ aims to provide more than $200 million for variety of homeless services

At the age of 11, Kris Jackson experienced homelessness for the first, but far from the last, time. “The horrible things I had to do to survive. Most could never imagine,” s...

$50m to refill coffers of popular lending program called for ‘to foster next generation of farmers’

The House Agriculture Finance and Policy Committee approved without dissent — and sent to the House Capital Investment Committee — identical bills that would appropriate $50 million from state bond proceeds for the Rural Finance Authority.

Lawmakers advance bill seeking $280 million to fund ‘innovative’ crime prevention programs

HF25 would expand the role of law enforcement and the criminal justice system by funding more community-based crime prevention services, such as victim services programs and juvenile diversion programs.

NE Minneapolis firefighters museum could climb the ladder, earn state designation

A facility that already honors men and women who put their lives on the line to save others could receive a state designation. Rep. Sydney Jordan (DFL-Mpls) sponsors HF194 t...

With remote meetings now common, House panel OKs measure modifying limitations on members of certain public bodies

Like everyone else, members of public bodies can have health issues. However, they are still expected to fulfill their civic duties. In the name of transparency, committee a...

Bill proposes reimbursement boost for child care providers in state assistance program

The House Children and Families Finance and Policy Committee approved a bill to raise reimbursement rates for providers in the Child Care Assistance Program.

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